We believe security is a vital part of your business and the nation, which is why we take the time to make sure it fits seamlessly into your company’s model and Nigeria’s development. We’ll use our extensive knowledge and experience to help you identify risks, develop policies and procedures for dealing with those risks, and improve your organizational frameworks, training programs, and operating procedures.

Hermanubis consulting expert tacticians are always ready to directly safeguard your people, facilities, confidential information, and brand reputation when they’re at risk or being threatened.

Our comprehensive security consulting services enable you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your family office, employees, operations, facilities, and assets.

We are not afraid of seeing the real threats; we are also not afraid of doing things differently or innovating where necessary. Our goal is to provide our clients with an effective strategy for protecting their business as well as ensuring they have the best possible service when it matters most!

Hermanubis consulting specializes in immediately and swiftly safeguarding your most valuable assets—your people, property, and brand or reputation—from threats of any kind, utilizing expert practitioners, advanced technology solutions, and proven strategy. We work with you to identify your organization’s vulnerabilities and discuss the most likely means by which you may be exploited and how you may be targeted in the future by those who may intend to inflict harm. Our goal is to provide clients the peace of mind to focus on their business and control the narrative of their organization.