For the past decades, we have seen that the electoral process in the nation has not been monitored enough. Therefore, we have put it on ourselves to study, extensively research, and monitor the electoral process of the nation. We also provide live monitoring of elections anywhere in the country as our agents are readily available to be deployed to any part of the nation to give you timely updates and facts on elections in a particular area.

Hermanubis consulting observes elections to assess the extent to which electoral processes respect fundamental freedoms and are characterized by equality, universality, political pluralism, confidence, transparency, and accountability. We also support other monitoring and research groups in their efforts to improve electoral processes and to follow up on recommendations by international election observation missions, by reviewing election-related legislation, providing technical expertise, and supporting the activities of citizen observer groups.

Electronic interactions are reinforced by capacity building, peer-to-peer exchange through in-person meetings, workshops, academies, and targeted visits through and across the regional networks, which Hermanubis consulting seeks to strengthen along with its organization and coalition members. Through these exchanges, citizen observation practitioners have helped build each other’s technical capacities while directly implementing monitoring efforts. In Nigeria, we leverage the fact that peer exchanges have contributed to the evolution of citizen observation and awareness.