Our verification service involves thoroughly identifying, evaluating, and verifying information on a  person, company, or entity. A due diligence check is essential if employing new staff, entering into commercial activities with business partners, or applying for residency or a specific working VISA.

We achieve this by conducting comprehensive verification checks through our national network and relationships with reliable sources and Government departments, high regard for client confidentiality throughout the process.

We offer global coverage for investigations, reports, and professional background screening services, delivered by a team of specialists with years of experience and access to trusted resources.

We do our due diligence on the following: International passport, National Identity, Driver’s license, Attestation of birth, Tenancy agreement, Professional reference, Proof of retirement, All stages of Education and certification, Proof of residential address including site visits, Proof of business address including site visits, Company registration, and business documents, Police Clearance, Previous employment references, Marriage certificate. The list goes on and on.